A Life With No Point

Alone on the hilltops with wisemen no more,
a man can find nothing, with none to adore.
A bottle in one hand, have nothing to lose,
I think about falling, with my bottle of booze.
Why must it be I have the mind of a poet,
I drink away pain and don't even know it.
The sea it is clashing with violence and rage,
I'm waiting for life to please turn the page.
The birds they are flying beneath the moon's light,
gives me faith that i'll win the fight.
A ship in the distance, it's calling me there,
the people within it I do think they care.
The rays of the sun, rise through the dark,
living my life is like smimming with sharks.
About to fall off of the hills to the sea,
something above now beckons me.
Not to jump pointless and perish below,
but to give what i have and for others to bestow.

by Mike Christie

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An amazing write young man... My son, nathan,20 was killed in december 06, he lived life to the max, he too had demons and worries as we all do, please keep on fighting for life sweetheart! I have felt like you do, the amazing work you do is not complete yet... stay strong x