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A Life With You
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A Life With You

Poem By Caroline Hugh

Breathe on me tonight.
Shut the world outside, it knows not of our love
I know of your ferocious energy,
the sparkle in your eyes as you drown in tinkling splinters.

The world is strange, indifferent, frigid, as I am
I have become too much like it-I have conformed!
Won't you tickle me with your warm vigor,
your boundless love and allure?

I realize it is you whom I need,
as I weep bitterly of the inexhaustible spin of days,
as I tap but never probe,
as my feelings are those of the moon, its waxing and waning.

I do not realize whence I have come
or how you are formed, flawless, raw, and ecstatic.
But they do not matter.
Take me tonight, with you, for you, only you.

Dance with me in nights of sorrow and desperation.
Weep with me as a flower blossoms and withers.
I live only to die, and it only lasts for so long!
I only request that you sing to me, with me, of
the holy angels and the luminescent sky.

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