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A Life Without A Life...
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A Life Without A Life...

It’s a life with commitment
It’s a life without complement
It’s a life with compromise
It’s a life without appraise
It’s a life with emotion
It’s a life without inspiration
It’s a life with amuse
It’s a life without refuse
It’s a life with tear & grin
It’s a life without dream
It’s a life with touch
It’s a life without trust
It’s a life with pain
It’s a life without importance
It’s a life with a relation
It’s a life without love and affection
Is it a life or only Compromise?

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10++++++++++++++++++++ to share
All has been said by you, nothing remain for me! :) compeomise has some bittersweet fact 10++
very bold poem, sumita...i think all of us are into compromise; in one form or other...thanks for sharing, dear....
inspirational piece.u shuld be a goddess of hearts
Life is only a compromise...a compromise with our whats and what nots...and marriage is the biggest compromise of life! Thanks for this 'search light' poem piece...10