A Life Without A World Of Colour

Poem By Alii fenwick

A Life Without a world of Colour..
Would Be A Very Dull place..
Not Being able to depict or define..
All those in our human race.

Looking out on a No longer brown framed window..
Lacking all the field upon fields of green grass..
All the long concrete bending roads..
With no more of those red busses to pass.

No more of the extravagant bright blues..
On the chest of the bird, the blue tit..
Nor the blinding fire blazing yellows..
When that candle is lit.

Lost is the bleeding water colour in art..
Not seeing the green in a girls eye..
Disappearing reds from the clowns nose..
No more of that mans extravagant tie.

A Life Without A World Of Colour..
Would Be a Very dull Place..
Every where there Doesn’t fail to be Colour..
Each and every little individual space.

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