A Life Without Life

He was given a life
A life devoid of life
He lives just to live
He breathes just to live.

by Rose Marie Juan Austin Click to read full poem

Comments about A Life Without Life

Shaun Cronick 09 Oct 05:16
Wow! A poem of substance that reads brilliantly. With a message that really hits home its poetesses deep concerns about a solitary human soul that has to endure the unendurable. And a great metaphor mirroring how lucky we are to be born not into a world of constant struggle and hardship. Five stars Rose Marie and I wish I found it sooner. Take care and again thanks for making me pause, reflect and think.
Anjandev Roy 13 Sep 04:48
of total nothingness? .......brilliant write......thanks for sharing.....anjandev roy.
Sylvia Frances Chan 01 Jul 10:53
8) I think this is the completest reply about your expectations for the man after his death, whether he'll go to the Kingdom of God or not. Cross References in the Holy Bible, please read Luke 23: 42 Then he said, " Jesus, remember me when You come into Your kingdom! " Jesus and that man were hanging on the cross at Golgotha, and this happened! The greatest example that Jesus is truly a man, God, who loves very much mankind.
Sylvia Frances Chan 01 Jul 10:44
7) ..About your last 2 lines: I hope he will inherit The Kingdom of God. Do you still remember The Crucifixion? Jesus hang amongst 2 thieves. Next to Jesus said, “Jesus, remember me when You come into Your kingdom! ” and Jesus said to him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.” I have read that Bible text time and again. YES! This man must have a sincerest longing to go to God, and he will be received by Him, sure!
Sylvia Frances Chan 01 Jul 10:13
6) I am truly impressed, most tragic and saddest poem I ever read, dear great poetess. I hope he is a member of a church, the church can help him in his daily needs, no? A 10++++++++++++++ Full score and much much more for this magnificent poem and............... To MypoemsList! Thank you so much for sharing this great social-engaged poem. Truly very touched by your last two lines from your last stanza. Such a loveliest soul you have, dear great poetess. (7)
Sylvia Frances Chan 01 Jul 09:45
5) The homeless people here mostly come from central Europe, they still have family up there, so our goverrnment sent them back to their countries after they are well cared and checked about their health. Time and again, tears in my eyes. I have read your brilliant poem with heaviest emotions,
Sylvia Frances Chan 01 Jul 09:27
4) Doesn't he have a family that can help him? In a country without life insurance it is really pure poverty, but he has to fall back on the family, in the Netherlands, for example, this picture is not seen, because we have institutions that take care of them. This is paid with our tax money. The inhabitants pay very high taxes 55-60% from their income.
Sylvia Frances Chan 01 Jul 09:19
3) If I may put it that way, we don't inherit the Kingdom of God just like that. You may have noticed with each deathbed that the priest always comes in time before the man / woman dies, the priest gives the last sacrament and prays for him. Dear great poetess, we as humans have inherited the sins and gifts of our ancestors. This person is in the poorest conditions and all this contributes to his suffering and poverty.
Sylvia Frances Chan 01 Jul 09:06
2) due to the magnificent description of the great poetess I can feel the deep pain and sufferings this man has to endure. In every line and each word are your heart's emotions true visible. Tears are rolling again. Finest concluding words in the last stanza: I hope he will inherit The kingdom of God...................if you don't mind, I'll explain in the next number (3)
Sylvia Frances Chan 01 Jul 08:48
1) I'll start here my response for the lovely poem of the great poetess, I have read this with greatest intensity, time and again, tears in my eyes. I am truly impressed, very tragic and saddest situation and condition. The title says it all, dear Mrs. Juan Austin. A Life Without Life............What a greatest tragedy.
Sandra Feldman 20 Jun 10:54
Your heart and poetry embrace the unfortunate. We can feel your pity and pain. As we read this charitable poem. Well done, excellent Poetess
Valsa George 18 Jun 11:14
There are some such lives wedded to poverty and misery with nothing in life to hope for. Compared to them how fortunate we are! They are also God's creation and He must be reserving a place for them in the land of bliss, once they disappear out of life. I believe that those people will be meted out justice in the other life. This poem mirrors the harsh realities of life. A very touching write. A 10
Akhtar Jawad 18 Jun 09:23
A life without life is a love without a beloved. a nice poem by a great poetess.
Anjandev Roy 18 Jun 09:48
Such a precious write.....thanks for sharing. anjandev roy.
Dr Dillip K Swain 18 Jun 09:04
A brilliant poem with a befitting title! Thanks for sharing.....10++++++
Mahtab Bangalee 18 Jun 04:51
Is he born just to die? If this is his fate I hope he will inherit The Kingdom of God..........excellent poetic utterance born, not to die; do, not to hoard learn, not to exhibit o this is life- ending path at death bank but the bank is not in the end decaying; endless doing something best- prenatal hope of life
Edward Kofi Louis 17 Jun 09:50
A life born into poverty! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.