A Life Without Love

A life without love
how sad that would be.
To never know the joys
of having someone to love,
leading to a lonely life
until the end of your days.
A tragedy only one person can repair,
and that person is you.

16 August 2007

by David Harris

Comments (7)

we all need to be loved and love.love is unconditional. its one thing you cannot say i have no more to give. a very thoughtful poem.
Excellent words my poet friend, you are absolutely right. Each individual is in charge of their own destiny, to live life without love is oh so sad. It's so simple really, we just have to ask God to send someone for us and don't be surprise when they come walking through the door. Keep your eyes open and your heart ready. A truly lovely poem David, love it.--Melvina--
thanks David for reminding me..
Eight lines of unadulterated truth. Now what could be fairer than that? Thanks for posting this David. You are a legend. love, Allie xxxx
i personally feel there can never be a life without love, in love or loved. people only feign to be apathetic...but deep down they do know. i speak of the universal love too.
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