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A Life You'Ll Never Know
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

A Life You'Ll Never Know

This is one life you'll never know.
The life of rape and abuse.
The life of a victim.
The life of feeling alone.
The life of being scared.

I was raped and abused.
It was alife I didn't ask for.
And one I wish I never knew.
But this life has stuck to me like glue.

I never wanted that life but I got it.
I now live the aftermath.
Flashbacks are a daily occurance.
Hearing and seeing things.
You helped to make me selfharm.
You made me suicidal.
I hate you.

This is the life you'll never know.
Becuase once you'd finished with me.
You left me to pick up the pieces.
And I hate you all the more.

Rage and anger fills my heart.
Destroy me you have.
I never asked for this life.
And I never asked to meet you.

I hate the life of the victim.
But as hard as I try.
I still am the victim.
The flashbacks and voices.
The nightmares and fears.
Make sure I am

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i know how it feels to be a victim don't let it control you