The Rivers' Life

I've seen many rivers,
Beside the rocks they lie,
But I've never seen such a river,
With no one standing by.

Everyone has a cause,
You'll know it soon because,
Bottles and cans are those,
People throw in the river to dispose.

Before you bathe your self and animals,
Why don't you try to link,
If you use water without misutilizing it,
Nature will give you twice than you think.

by Rashmi Pawar

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Comments (5)

Amazing writing
Beauty's pain gives her name, her light in flame, her death is fame.
She is an insane genius!
Great imagery. I lover the last stanza - especially the line 'The future is a grey seagull'. Reminds me of a seagul I saw in Brighton on one dull rainy day.
this poem is great but I think it needs more of a big idea and a theme