FHM ( / Cannon Falls, Minnesota)

A Lifetime Of Love

As I look to the window at the
sparkling pure white snow,
My thoughts seem to wander to a
lovely girl I know.
A thousand times I have said I love
you but now I love you more.
I love you like no human being has
ever loved his wife before!
We both came from North Dakota
when we moved into this state.
where we seemed to be destined to
meet our lifetime mate.
We both had our major illness in
December at the age of 72,
We both had help from all our
children that you so bravely bore,
And as far as I'm concerned, no one
could ask for more.
We will finish out our lives together
and meet our problems day by day.
I know we will be happy, because we
will be doing it God's way.
When it's time for us to leave this
earth it will surely be our fate,
To walk up Heaven's stairway hand in
hand to meet St. Peter at the gate.
Again... "I LOVE YOU ! "

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