False Belonging

I have felt so deep before,
With heavy clouded visions,
That all my pain no longer
Can endure, the thought of you.
And my eyes no longer see
The beauty of your face, but
Pain, despair and agony
Have taken over instead.
So when you find me crying,
As you often might, chance to
Stop and cry with me alone,
To help me feel once again
That everything is alright.

Though I fear it is not,
For news causes all to bleed,
Let us watch with bated breath
What may come of our meeting
Here tonight, alone, without
A chance to right what is wrong,
And feel once again alive,
At the thought of all our lives,
Bearing fruit, and loving seeds,
As though winter were a dream.

So what if our hope proves false?
For a minute we believed
That everything was alright,
Perhaps; as it all should be.

by Mathew Lewis

Comments (3)

Your title is so lyrical and inviting. And I like your philosophy of living. 'Let no one dictate where we’re going, For soft, a light and fair wind’s blowing.' Truly rings with an invitation from the Appalachian Mountains.
Very nice. I wish I had your facility with rhyme and meter. Every line seems natural and perfectly shaped, never forced like some rhyming verse. I find rhymed poetry the most difficult to write. Excellent work (and thank you also for your generous comment about my haiku) .
A remarkably colourful piece about enjoying nature and everything she brings with her - to come away once in a while and just let her take a hold of you. A refreshing read. - K.