SB (October 1,1976 / Hollywood, Ca)

'A Light Enduring Ivory'

A plethora of enduring viability that would be the breadth
among the many; mirrors that reflect what I suspect to be
a light nearer to the event of a peaceful pretense.

And I swallow, and I seduce
I am the epiphany behind the truth
The element that you actuate in view
Irrefutable and regardless if its you...

The misanthropic tear befalls the siren's vivacity
As she takes me, unwillingly toward the wiles of a
derailed reality.
And her course caress is little more,
than the beaded scream stirred and fueled by scorn

I swallow my tongue while I'm being seduced
The iambic element that actuates the view
And irrefutable passion palpitates beneath the wound,
While life enduring ironies play captive like Ivory's allure.

by Scott Burton

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