A Happy Man

When these graven lines you see,
Traveller, do not pity me;
Though I be among the dead,
Let no mournful word be said.

Children that I leave behind,
And their children, all were kind;
Near to them and to my wife,
I was happy all my life.

My three sons I married right,
And their sons I rocked at night;
Death nor sorrow never brought
Cause for one unhappy thought.

Now, and with no need of tears,
Here they leave me, full of years,--
Leave me to my quiet rest
In the region of the blest.

by Edwin Arlington Robinson

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The reader is horrible! ! ! ! !
What a lucid expression of Spring... I guess Emily Dickinson mixed nature with faith so that all Creatures were alive in her pen.
Beauty of nature.. Nice poem
Trade has suddenly encroached Upon a sacrament Great conceptualization. Thanks for sharing it here.
Emily Dickinson is a master of verses, rhythm, rhyme and meter... all which goes to make memorable poems. And without doubt her creations are all beyond compare. She is one 'Classical Great' and I count her amongst the top ten poets the world has ever produced. Besides, she is one of my favourites.
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