A Light In The Dark

Poem By TOM Altenhofen

As I sat in the dark a light went on
But you walked away and the light was gone
So I got up and ran to see where it went
In search of the light many hours were spent

I saw dim ones flicker once in a while
None of those lights could make me smile
They all looked the same, yellowish white
I needed a rainbow to shine through the night

I searched on and on for that light in the dark
It became the new conquest on which I did embark
Years passed me by and I seldomly thought
Of giving it up but it made me distraught

So I never disclosed my voyage of night
In the search of that pure and magical light
A thousand years passed and a thousand years more
Yet I did tarry on as determined as before
Nevermore was that light revealed to me

Still onward I went just wanting to see
Nothing else caught my eye like that magic once did
I was trapped in a box and someone sealed the lid
So in the dark I kept wandering alone

Hoping the light would just once more be shown
I tried gathering dim lights together but they
Were never enough light to help guide the way
I was lost in the dark forever it seemed

Always pondering over the time that perfect light gleamed
A thousand years passed and a thousand years more
Then one day I saw it shine under a door
To the door I did run and flung it wide open

I scanned the premises, wishin' and hopin'
Finally I found the light way back inside
And when I approached it, the light slowly died
After many long years I'd searched in vain
But just for that moment I'd do it again

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