A Light That Shines

The path is laid before me
My destiny is clear,
I am a light that shines in the dark.
I bring hope, love, joy and peace.
If we part, let your heart be troubled not,
My light will shine brighter, and fade not away.
Let me be your light in the darkness,
Let me bring you to the love I have,
Let me be the comfort that you seek.
I am a light that can clear the darkness away.
Even through the darkest of times,
My light will shine.
I will not fade away and leave you stranded in the dark.
This is my vow:
I will not falter or fade,
I will shine brighter in times of need,
I will be your light, when all the others have faded.

by Nicole J12

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I liked that, it reminds me of true friends.