RMJ ( / Laoag City, Philippines)

A Lighthouse

Atop the high cliff
A lighthouse stands strong and proud
Guides sea travelers
A witness to sea perils
And a ray of hope for ships.

Copyright 2019, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved

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Quick toMyPoemList, thank you for sharing these most important words, the seamen may never miss. Thank you so much for sharing this precious poem. God´s Blessings.
lighthouse beautiful and straight and strong, does its duty every night, shines in the darkness and is the first to discover the disasters at sea, is indispensable for the ships at sea. With the lighthouse in their way the sailors feel safe. A recommendable finest poem, dear poetess, A most beautiful guide in words for the ships at sea.
Light house the guide to sea travellers, nice writing dear poet.
Lighthouse that gives hope and guides like a parent does to their children.
This poem gives me a huge amount of ideas. It also gives me different meanings in life. Beautiful.
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