A Limerick To Esther Leclerc On Her Birthday

tis the day after St Paddy's Day
and I've a few words to say - if I may?
to a person new-old
with a heart of pure gold

by Chuck Audette Click to read full poem

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Dear old Esther was my friend. No word from her in ages. Her memory now is kept alive thanx to these PH pages. My dear if you should read these lines think back to those days when we shared our verses and our rhymes. Let's do it all again. I hear you say that was a day a long, long time ago. But don't forget your PH friends, and know we miss you so. Robert
Now you'd think with a name like paddy I'd be meself a limerick laddy and while this is true I can't write them as good as you do so I just take me leave then but not before I bless this with a ten.
How on earth did I miss this? ! She is one of the loveliest of ladies, inside and out. A muse to a fine pen it would seem! t x
Esther is a fine woman well-deserving of fond attention as a dear poetic friend.
'with a heart of pure gold' - that line alone defines Esther. A lovely, limerick Chuck that says a lot in so few words. Happy belated birthday Est! Nothing less than a 10 - this is Esther we're talking about! Justine :)
Esther is a fine wordsmith and she has a loveloy charactor to match Great lines Charles Love duncan X
Har, har, har-de-har har! ! ! Aw, ya didn't hafta, butcha DID, and so thank you for the limericky good wishes - laughed at the 'new-old' bit! (But who lo-balled this? I've brought it up some with a 'ten', of course; my name's in in it!) Thanks, Chuck! ! ! Est ; ]
Chuck, you sly devil...Belated but probably considered worth the wait! fjr