So Thanks Alot Dad

Hey Dad look at me now,
Look at how i've grown.
Opps I forgot your not around,
I guess thats why i'm always feeling down.
So thanks alot dad.
I can't believe you left mom and i,
I wonder when you left if momm ever cried.
So thanks alot dad.
Momma said you were always alot of fun,
Dad, would you have stayed if momma had a son?
So basicly I hate you dad
The only thing you left me with was a stupid yellow rabbit.
So thanks alot dad,
I hope i can see you again,
So I can slap you in the face,
So you'll know that twelve years with out you,
Felt like a turtle race.
So thanks alot dad.

by Charlie Watson

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great sense of association...
Robert Frost was a sorcerer with verses... his magic with words is quite unfathomable. I love his work... and am ardent fan of his writings.
Like the sea's return! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A great poem from a great poet....excellent
My favorite poet and one of my favorite poems.
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