A Little Bird

In alien lands I keep the body
Of ancient native rites and things:
I gladly free a little birdie
At celebration of the spring.

I'm now free for consolation,
And thankful to almighty Lord:
At least, to one of his creations
I've given freedom in this world!

by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

Comments (3)

If I were the bird I would say somehow. Oh! No. My friend thank you. I never need my freedom yet Unless it is all with you. Cause wherever I might fly alone I will be followed by the shoots. It was not the cage that kept me in What kept me here was (you) . Now you try to set me free alone I say, on your shoulders I will be. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Adnan,
A wonderful idea indeed. The opening lines are simply excellent. It shows the poet's heart for brotherhood. We too release birds in the name of peace but do we have the feeling as Pushkin has?
This is a very beautiful little poem. I love the idea of wanting to give freedom, of adding to the world in this way even if it is to a small bird. Fantastic!