A Little Birdie Told Me...

I know you're hurt and hungry.
I know you cry all night.
Just try to hold your head up.
You're gonna win this fight.

Let's say a little birdie told me
that you're so very strong.
He said that you are suffering.
You have been for so long.

Your prayers are being answered
please listen as I speak.
I promise you'll survive this.
That's a promise I shall keep.

Your tears won't go unnoticed.
Those scars will disappear.
Remember what I've told you
when I cannot be here.

You hold the key to happiness
within your battered heart.
I'll be with you in spirit...
for we shall never part.

by Mary Nagy

Comments (8)

this was a fine idea, very clever, a wonderful piece of poetry, well thought out.
Trying to revisit the child that is the key.
Truely wonderful Mary. What a unique task to be set and met with so adoringly. I stand in awe.
I heard a man say the other day that sometimes we have to give the love to ourselves that we cannot get from anyone else, and this must surely be one of those times...to comfort and love that little one, to reassure. Kindness personified.
A delightful missive Mary, as only you can write it. A sweet thoughtful poem. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
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