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A Little Bit Of Terrificness
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Little Bit Of Terrificness

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

A little bit of terrificness...
Came to sit,
In my mind.
Then familiar with drifting...
With a feeling I could not resist!
Coming as it did within me,
To exist.
And helped me rid myself,
Of comfortable useless habits.
Denied but often hidden and felt!

And with this,
My mind has been lifted.
To define the time used now spent...
In a joy found,
That stays and hangs around!

Unconfined from having thoughts
Of seeking addicted stale deceptions brought!
And placed on my path...
From a past unconsciousnessly I sought!

With a little bit of terrificness,
Coming to visit with gifts to assist...
A further uplifting of my sustained happiness!
I have quit attractions 'misfits' teased and picked.
And it feels good from them to split.

Each day I anticipate,
Awaiting to be dazzled!
No longer dazed and frazzled...
With this 'terrificness'
That suits me well!
And propels me to heights that fit!

'Glory be to The Father...
And to the Sun! '

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Comments (2)

The first stanza is terrific... 'It' comes in you to exist but your drifting ways allows it to exit... you say 'your comfortable useless habits'.....getting rid of... Your this ‘terrific ness’ drifts beautifully all through the rest of the poem... for this gift you end the poem with glorious thanks giving to the Father and the 'Sun' Lot of things I liked in this poem...ten gifts
O.k, o, k, you don't have to tell me just where you got this from only that you should just keep on writing just like it, , your originality is so obvious to the viewer (((((((((( IT'S AMAZING))))))) ah! why don't I read you more, so many poets to cover Seriously though Lawrence this is without a doubt my favourite of yours, Beautiful, expressive, and so well connected, THANKYOU Love duncan X