TM ( / England)

The Cane Fields

There is a parrot imitating spring
in the palace, its feathers parsley green.
Out of the swamp the cane appears
to haunt us, and we cut it down. El General
searches for a word; he is all the world
there is. Like a parrot imitating spring,
we lie down screaming as rain punches through
and we come up green. We cannot speak an R—
out of the swamp, the cane appears
and then the mountain we call in whispers Katalina.
The children gnaw their teeth to arrowheads.
There is a parrot imitating spring.
El General has found his word: perejil.
Who says it, lives. He laughs, teeth shining
out of the swamp. The cane appears
in our dreams, lashed by wind and streaming.
And we lie down. For every drop of blood
there is a parrot imitating spring.
Out of the swamp the cane appears.

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this is so beautiful...the book calling to you and making sure you find it...sometimes when we're searching for something we can't find it, but when we're ready it finds us, one way or another...
A touching poem. it was nice to read
Such simplicity as in just reading a book, yet such depth in this piece. As an avid reader I can relate. This was /is a pleasure to read.
Beautiful sentiment, nicely narrated. bful and meaningful... :)
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