My Mind Is A Higway

my thinking is a highway i can't control

im a passenger with sepperat body and soul

scared of not knowing where my mind wil take me.

i used to enjoy the ride

that goes slow down the winding country road

taking up the wiev as we pass

now its only streeks of light

going past as fast as night

its hard pretending

when speeding on the higway

but it is not a coice

the need commes and you haf to pretend

overthinking it and hoping i wont offend

ever serching for the other car

hoping it will ride with us for a while

by ivar Kracht

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A ghastly tale told so very elegantly.... The boys reasoning quite astute, I think, but to be met with such barbarity for falling outside the norm... I often forget the treacherous and inhumane way people treated one another back then. Drawing and quartering - a ghastly execution style by which four horses are tied to the limbs and driven in four different directions - was still very popular method during Blake's lifetime. Trial by fire, or trial by water consisted of subjecting a person to either burning or drowning for a set period of time - if he survived then it was deemed that God found him innocent. Blake was 36 years old when Marie Antoinette had her head so grisly cut off. It's amazing to me how much beauty and depth of feeling we can find in the words of those who lived then.... having lived in such an inhospitable time.... that marks the greatest civility I can imagine.
great poem of emotions true we must love ourselves before we can love others....
I feel that this poem describes how people often put religion before basic morals, and in doing so they are actually defying the religion. Isn't the base of most religions, especially Christianity, be good to one another? Yet through out history, people have been tortured and killed, all in the name of their peace loving religion.
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