Battered Faith

Deserting a shrine, in the swirling
waters, I move, unbuilding
a path, under the shade of the moon. the
sprawling village has been swept off/and
so were the ponyriders;
a lifeless symphony of howling winds/
scatters the silence.

I step forward to meet the vapors
of after death./The souls are dead/
and the ghosts are walking in dark.
No ignition was left to recognize the faces.
No god was seen nearby.

I am at loss to make the return journey.
A boulder as big as the temple/
obstructs the view. There are moaning
voices/coming from under the sunk
houses. Why won’t the unseen hands/build
up a bridge. I eat your words
and go in trance.

Where are the bottle’s jinnees now?

by Satish Verma

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A very interesting poem.enjoyed thank you Alan
Hello Alan, I'm not sure if you'll ever read this, but email me if you'd like to hear a song I made.
A beautiful poem. Such imagination!
An incredibly wonderful poem about true love - contentment, and a child's imagination that can only be spurred by a mother's protective and loving embrace.... I think I shall be reading more of Miss Mansfield's poetry. I'm certain that I've seen this form before but can't remember what it is called. Three octave stanzas in couplet rhyme followed by a quatrain stanza in acbd rhyme.... ? ? ?
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