A Little Boy's Dream

To and fro, to and fro
In my little boat I go
Sailing far across the sea
All alone, just little me.

by Katherine Mansfield Click to read full poem

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A very interesting poem.enjoyed thank you Alan
Hello Alan, I'm not sure if you'll ever read this, but email me if you'd like to hear a song I made. rickambrose@hotmail.com
A beautiful poem. Such imagination!
An incredibly wonderful poem about true love - contentment, and a child's imagination that can only be spurred by a mother's protective and loving embrace.... I think I shall be reading more of Miss Mansfield's poetry. I'm certain that I've seen this form before but can't remember what it is called. Three octave stanzas in couplet rhyme followed by a quatrain stanza in acbd rhyme.... ? ? ?
Change [cdaptured] to [captured]
Yes....Life of Pie narrated in verse............so subtle........no vivid.....
life of pi?
well the poem is supposed to be a dream, a childs dream of winning a pirate fight, and journeying alone in the sea. It feels to me that he has achieved a victory against an enemy; whatever it was that he was fighting against. Instead of a dream it could be a fantastic illustration of a lonely child, fighting his own battles and winning them all alone because even the fish swim away from him. A child maturing earlier than he should becausr of lifes troubles, 'away from home and from play, only the sea as a friend' just a thought, of course
It's interesting that blank blank doers not like the last stanza, but can he say why he does not like i? . The whole point of the poem is that it IS a dream from which the boy wakes up.
i think i'd like it better without the last stanza. maybe it shouldnt have been a dream. its beautiful and then the last stanza ruins it.
An excellent creation of a child's dream world - it is the rocking chair we meet at the end which has evoked the dream of the sea, and the writer's rhythm. I liked the sense towards the end of the dream becoming rather frightening. I wonder why the poet gave the dream to a boy - does It show the ability of the poet to create an accurate and intense atmosphere even though she might not have had an actual dream like this?
Nice picture nice poem awesome one too
i posted an identical poem with title paper boat. but this one is grand and sweet to with rhyme
v cute poem indeed...................
So sweet and inocent, precisely like a child's dream
Far away, far away From my home and from my play, On a journey without end... Lucid, easy to to communicate yet universal. Perhaps poetry resides such unknown zone, poet wants always to reach but only gets its flash in creation.........................Pranab k c
it so sad and cute at the same time, a good bed time story
Easy flow, nice and simple, I would love to read it to my dreamy little one.
Landlubbers and party-poopers need not apply for passage on this little boy's wee vessel, hear me loud and clear! Life is a journey without end, lad, yet every day we go to and fro, back and forth all the livelong day! Chill, man, and let go for once! Must every poem you come across have one word or line or phrase that does not measure up to your ideal, your standard that not even a Shakespeare in his wildest dreams could achieve!
I hate to be a party pooper, but 'to and fro' means back and forth.Why is this little boat going back and forth on a journey 'without end'? But it's a nice poem - encapsulating that wonderful period in life when one feels absolutely safe, and can dream deliciously of being unsafe.