A Little Boy's Dream

To and fro, to and fro
In my little boat I go
Sailing far across the sea
All alone, just little me.

by Katherine Mansfield Click to read full poem

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And we all return home! As always, this is how children grow. Absolutely adorable - added to my favourite poems list!
A simple little poem suitable for children to read and enjoy and also using it learn to write poems!
This is an adorable little fantasy poem. I'm happy to have discovered this talented poet. '10! '
wow, what a poem! so sweet, but still so thoughtful. yes, mother is that shore without reaching it u`ll be sailing all ur life untill ur boat is worn out
woh, , , okay that felt like i was rocking along with the boat, the way that you placed the words was amazing...i am truly inspired. keep writing :) .xx. cat.xx.
Mansfield's admiration for the short stories of Anton Chekhov comes through in this delightful slice of life poem about a little boy's dream. She wrote often about women and children with the utmost of delicacy and psychological insight. It's not so much a tribute to a mother's love for her male child, as it is an honest account of what most little boys would likely dream about! She understands that boys by their very nature seek adventure and identify with swashbucklers of every stripe. Whether it be the Lone Ranger and Tonto or today's Spiderman, boys fantasize about capturing pirates and bad guys. Watch boys play with trucks and guns and sailboats in the bathtub, and you'll see how much Mansfield understands the desires and dreams of the male animal. What boy hasn't dreamt of running away to sea? Incidentally, Mansfield uses simple words and images to convey a feeling of being a child and seeing the world in childish ways. But it's so delicate and subtle that most of you agree it could be to music as a lullaby and enjoyed by adults.
What a great poem! It flows very nicely, great job!
I like the last part of the poem - when the boy awakes and finds himself in his Mother's arms tight! - a tribute to a Mother whose arms are always a place to find comfort at any time!
i liked it. for me it showed the closeness between a mother and her child and it also showed how adventerous children are wether its in a dream or in actual life. well done : D
What a wonderful and expressive tallent this poem shows, Just lovely Love duncan X
What an adorable children's poem. I love it! Marilyn
It's a pity I do not know much skills, but if there is a musician out there, please put this poem to a song. The easy wording, clear viewing, crispy syllables are just eligible for a popular piece, world level.