Unholy Fright

silent night unholy night
soldiers awake and ready
young warriors await the fight
many tremble in fear tonight
darkness out there- no star light
new ones wondering their plight
if they will fight freeze or flight
the more seasoned soldiers
already know so they humbly
bow their heads in prayer
asking for life for one more night
not one doubts this is their fight
a bullet rings out- the battle begun
our children are fighting our fight
some will live and others die
for all it will be a long long night

by Andy Caldwell

Comments (6)

Simply superb poem with equally superb imagery.
on satiety...should be complacent...should seek the next approach in life....like a lot-10
I like your approach to this topic.well done Emily
beautiful...... love it! as always!
.........absolutely love the title of this piece...
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