A Little Bread&Mdash;A Crust&Mdash;A Crumb


A little bread—a crust—a crumb—
A little trust—a demijohn—
Can keep the soul alive—
Not portly, mind! but breathing—warm—
Conscious—as old Napoleon,
The night before the Crown!

A modest lot—A fame petite—
A brief Campaign of sting and sweet
Is plenty! Is enough!
A Sailor's business is the shore!
A Soldier's—balls! Who asketh more,
Must seek the neighboring life!

by Emily Dickinson

Comments (6)

Simply superb poem with equally superb imagery.
on satiety...should be complacent...should seek the next approach in life....like a lot-10
I like your approach to this topic.well done Emily
beautiful...... love it! as always!
.........absolutely love the title of this piece...
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