A Little Call

You ring me in vast mobile
I receive your call in mind
You dwell to ring me again
I accept your vow in purity.

by Kumarmani Mahakul Click to read full poem

Comments (10)

How nice it will be when He calls on any of us...definitely a divine friendship will develop...inspiring poem Kumar
Your poems always lift the reader spiritually, and often it is hard to put a finger on what it is that lifts, but the poem has a holistic effect., wonderful.
I like the rhythm of this quatrain! Like a song, like a call, like joy!
Heavenly Father called me since unknown time but after coming in this world I make busy myself and forget to recall HIM.
Always a privilege to talk with, knowing that He cares. Lovely poem.
A little call from God is wonderfully abstracted here.. Great
your lovely poem raised me up spiritually Thanks
To hold life on palm of love. Nice piece of work.
An spiritual song of divine love, Kumarmani Mahakul is master of writing poems on divine love.
the thoughts of Almighty....mobile call.......nice comparison through your poem...everything is a poem for a poet...