A Little East Of Jordan


A little East of Jordan,
Evangelists record,
A Gymnast and an Angel
Did wrestle long and hard—

Till morning touching mountain—
And Jacob, waxing strong,
The Angel begged permission
To Breakfast—to return—

Not so, said cunning Jacob!
"I will not let thee go
Except thou bless me"—Stranger!
The which acceded to—

Light swung the silver fleeces
"Peniel" Hills beyond,
And the bewildered Gymnast
Found he had worsted God!

by Emily Dickinson

Comments (4)

A beautifully conceived lovely poem and a pleasure to read. Thanks for sharing it here.
....an unforgettable story penned in an unique writing style ★
Very nice. Love her poems.
Emilys poems are just like her.They sound limpid, quiet, almost naive. This pale child from Amherst-extrange and lonely creature- learn to live deep inside herself and protect her beauty from the world corruption.That s why her poetry is pure she was.