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A Little Girl's First School Day
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A Little Girl's First School Day

Seeds expelled to wander the desert air
Finding refuge in burial soil of a promised land.

An opened petal soon dies;
Come spring the bulb revives.

A vine clinging to her mother’s dress,
Her fists budded into her mother-haven,
Crying tears of distress,
Running waters streaking her cheeks.

Unparted waters to the promised land,
Unbinding the clasping hands,
To walk through the parted sea,
Tears of baptism, tears of rebirth,
running waters streaking her cheeks.

For those who know and understand
The truth will make them free;
But how to see and understand
That beyond the fear we will be free.


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your the best poet i ever heard of and i see you like cats you have a few cat ones!
A universal rite of passage told with beauty and sensitivity. This casts a whole new light on 'fear of the unknown.' Confronting new information and meeting new people with whom you must get along to a significant degree can be distressing - especially if you happen to be five years old.
Love this..esp. this line..'little vine climbing in her mother's vine'.Good imagery..thanks for this wonderful sharing. hugs, Meggie
I love the idea of the little vine climbing in her mother-vine's lap! Such a delicate poem, i loved it...you must have such a delicate soul, i am glad to 'meet' you online. And it is true indeed: 'the truth will set you free'...our Lord Jesus said that.
Hey this is really good! Very deep, I enjoyed alot. Especially the line about the vines, very good imagery. 'll have to check out more. I'm new to this, but I have some stuff and could use feedback from good poets.