A Little Goes A Long Way

A "glimpse" is sometimes all I see
Of what the Lord has planned for me.
It is enough to urge me on,
To shun the darkness, seek the dawn.
A brighter, clearer view to find,
Restore my soul, renew my mind.
"A heavenly vision" to transcend
All earthly glories men pretend.

The "slightest whisper" we can hear,
When coming from a friend so dear,
He gave His life to reassure,
That He is longing more and more,
To speak with "accent" clear and plain
To reach our hearts and ease our pain.
His life has spoken and we've heard.
God sent to us "His Living Word",
A voice we should take heed and bless
And raise our song in Thankfulness.

A "Taste" is just enough to wet
One's appetite, and don't forget,
God longs to feed us "Living Bread"
And on life's table He will spread,
Far more than soul could ever ask,
The Lord is equal to the task.
Provision that's abundant, sure
"Eternally" He has in store.
"One Taste" will tempt us to partake
And be "Well fed" for His dear sake.

by Helen E. Baird

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