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A Little Gospel
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A Little Gospel

Poem By Vanessa Brown

One day in front of a TV show,
My young child turned to me,
And asked with innocence in his face and heart
'Do you believe in God, Mommy? '

I look at the sky, with pink tufty clouds,
As the sun sets on a beautiful day;
The admirable sun and the lucid moon,
Companions as the sky melts to grey.

The grandeur of mountain tops covered with snow,
As they soar in the sky so free;
Their crystal glass image reflection is seen
In the fathomless depths of the sea.

The prism of colour so captivating,
That shines from a lonely rainbow;
I think to myself, and i say to my child;
'How could i not believe so? ! '

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Comments (3)

This is great stuff, and your so young! ! ! ! You've got a real talent, i hope you get chance to let it shine through! ! ! !
This is a sweet poem Vanessa, with a lovely ending. A pleasure to read. Sincerely Ernestine
ahh wonderful poem and soo beautiful images! :) well done! HBH