A Little Happiness

Poem By Asif Andalib

Baby now-a-days you make me so depress
I want to borrow a little happiness!

It’s very hard to make you passionate
It seems I don’t know how to change my fate!

Now I think you are not my cup of tea
You are like a lost treasure in deep sea!

As if I am in love with the Satan
Who doesn’t know how to love a human!

Comments about A Little Happiness

very beautiful poem! really very nicely written! thanks for sharing!
Another heartfelt poem fitting between the previous two I read, I may have been tempted to say ' Who doesn`t know how to love a man' but who am I to comment, another enjoyable look into life.
Really a wonderful one! Especially the last two lines, feel the power of your poem ~
The last two lines are awesome, well concluded :)
Certainly your last verse dresses up the language of your poem. it creates the deep sense of feeling that has been dettached between the two lovers in the poem. it's a deep expression of love possible lost>>>> if the poet compairs his love to satan who knows no love! ! ! wow...beautiful

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