A Little Hot Gossip

Poem By Ruth Walters

'She brushed her lips by his
so gently for a thrill,
and when he didn't flinch
it spurred her on.

She wore a low cut dress
to show a glimpse of breast
and we saw a bead of sweat
run down his brow.

Then she lifted up her hem
to show her stocking tops
and when his fever grew
she called him shocking! '

'Well you know she's just a cow!
She ignores the fellow now,
I saw her out with Fred
when we went shopping.'

Comments about A Little Hot Gossip

An insightful bit of verse with beautiful rendition of words. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.
Good fun Ruth, lovely and entertaining :)
Just a bit of humor Ruth. Nicely written
i thought at first: this is not what i expected when i read the title. then i either did not notice or forgot there was a quotation mark at the beginning. so when i saw the quotation mark after shocking, i thought ruth or ph left out the q. m. in front of shocking. THEN i noticed the quotation marks around the last stanza. then i started to reread the whole thing. THEN i figured out that it was a dialogue (correct?) between two (women?) talking about the shameful cow. and having read ruth's hairy legs (spider) poem, where i first thought the poem was about a woman, i wondered partway through my first reading of this if the subject of the gossip REALLY was a cow. wow! now i guess i completely get the poem. perhaps i would have an easier time of it if the third and fourth stanza's were separated by more spaces to set apart the two speakers. do men ever tease women like that? or women/women, men/men; gotta be liberal these days in my thinking! bri
Had a good laugh at this Ruth.

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