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A Little Humanity
SH Smoky Hoss (01 may 1962 / U.S.A.)

A Little Humanity

One longs for a little humanity
now and then, the kind found
in the old 5 & Dime store
at the soda fountain of long ago.
Small town Americana, with it's
small conversations and small appetites -
a few needs of a few friends, a little taste
of a little ice cream on a summer's sweet eve.
The simple hungers of humanities precious purity;
the soul's thirst quenched and satisfied.
- Later the heart will again mingle
in the myriad madness of the wide world,
but always in it's deepest corners,
from it's strongest foundations,
the cry of longing shall linger eternally:
'a little humanity please'.

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Comments (3)

Though this is written differently than many of your other poems, free style or free verse, it still is wonderfully expressed and felt wholeheartedly, the true meaning and feelings. Thank you for sharing another fantastic and well thought out poem, written by you through the heart.
Beautifully expression of nostalgia a world that was unhurried not the rush it seems to be today enjoyed thanks
Beautiful poem Smoky thank you for sharing Mario Odekerken