Faux Pas

On a white stallion, he rode to the castle above,
Soon to encounter his one true love.
There she waited, high in her tower,
More anxious to see him, with each passing hour.
Up through the moonlit valley he rode,
Coming ever closer to his fair one's abode.
He rode like the wind through the deepening night,
As he kept in mind her glorious sight.
She watched out her window, as closer he came.
With his arrival at the gate, she whispered his name.
In the light of the moon, she saw his proud stance,
When he dismounted his horse, and at her window did glance.
Across the drawbridge he strode, and entered the door,
And began climbing the stairs to his princess's floor.
She stood by the window, waiting for him to come in.
In a few moments, he did, wearing a romantic grin.
With a bow, he spoke, 'My lady, I've come to take you away,
To a far off land, where we'll be together every day.
Please understand, as I can see the question in your eye,
That my love for you is such, that for you I would die.'
He looked up at her, and saw her eyes fill with tears,
And so he went to comfort her, and to calm all her fears.
He took her, tender and gentle, into his soothing arms,
Where they both became enraptured by each others charms.
She looked up at him with a smile that he did not miss,
And bending down, he dispelled all doubts with a passionate kiss.
She returned the kiss with a need that pleaded for more,
And the embrace grew tight, as both of their desires did soar.
After what seemed an eternity, she took his hand and led
Them both across the room to a rose petal covered bed.
There, they disrobed each other, with lustful romance in their eyes.
Then a voice spoke out from nowhere, 'Honey, it's time to rise.'
You opened your eyes, and looked warily around,
Trying to find the voice of that truly disrupting sound.
You glanced over at me with a look that would curdle cream,
As you finally began to realize that it was all just a dream.

Addendum to Faux Pas

Later that night, you told me all about your dream,
And that when I had awoken you, you just wanted to scream.
For they were just about to consummate their little heart to heart,
But, of course, I had to wake you up at they very best part.
So I thought it over, and decided what to do.
And I carried you into the bedroom, to make the rest of your dream come true.


by Wayne Wickham

Comments (5)

This reads so well David. It sould be read aloud every time. Wonderful rhythms.
Love this David. it's...well....dreamy. alana
I love your poem's simplicity. F
A very nice little love poem David, enjoyed reading it, thanks, Lynda xx
Little love poem... but with big impact on lovers truly in love! Thanks for sharing, a 10.