A Little Man

A Little Man
By Cora Miller

Sometimes a little man takes over my head.
He's so tiny, yet so mighty.
I will be minding my own business when…
B A M!

A gun shoots as he jumps out of hiding.
His face turns red like a tomato,
And sometimes my head gets warm
From the steam coming out his ears.
He yells, trying to break my wall,
My wall of teeth, as I try to stand tall.
I can't let him win, not this time, I think with all my heart,
But I'm too afraid of his power, too weak.

I Explode.
The little man, tiny and mighty, takes over,
Sending me on a rampage, killing me with his thunder
I yell, I scream, I stomp and jump,
As he pushes the red button,
A button that calls for disorder

And murder
Murder of silence, as my voice cracks the air,
But was it really silent?
It was pretend silence, silence I made up
To tune out the trigger
That triggers a powerful evil,
That I fear might take over me,

by Cora Miller

Comments (2)

'A Little Man', seems to visit many heads...he's not too fussy, perhaps? !
An insightful depiction of erratic nature of tantrums - paroxysms of rage which appear suddenly getting the better side of individuals, well articulated and nicely penned. Thanks for sharing Cora.