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A Little Miss Princess
AW (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

A Little Miss Princess

Poem By Albert Wong

Ah My God -the world little princess.
Miss Princess doesn’t who is she.
Who do not know,
has not known her Surname.
Dug a cave in a green hill,
Where she eats green bean,
So she is called “mice”.

Her sounds are thunder loud.
The sound reflected in the sky.
She did not learn words.
Having stored nothing;
Every time when she eats,
Likes a wolf and swallow like a tiger.
She likes to eat toss same as the mouse.
Her interest on toss draw mouse stole food.
Afterward a short, she threw onions or stepped on.
She threw on them with stones and woods.
Miss Princess felt happy!

Oh, as saying:
The ancient great man said Oh My lord, My Lord!
Why the human like to hit and kill the mouse angry?
Why do stupid using the gold eggs to kill a gold hen?

Oh My Miss Princess! Dear Miss Daughter.
They come close made you hate;
They hide away made you calm;
You’re safe as they are gone..

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Wonderful composition. 10 with love.