A Little More Poetry

Funny, I’ve been writing
For a very long time.
I’ve written about love
I’ve written about hate

by Sandra Osborne Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

I really liked this one
Inspired. I love this one. -war
Sandra you are one of the best poets on this site. That is why you are being targeted by the one virus. If your work was bad...They wouldn't bother with you. So take it as an honour and hold your pen poised as you continue to create great works of poetry. I gave you ten as always for your poems. They are fantastic. Hugs Jan
You are very clever........I really like your work MM
All you write is a pleasure to read, Sandra. Chrissie
love all u write and the way u do so.....kep writing! ! !
Well, looks like the slamming trolls are having their fun, it's real hard to pick on an old diabetic woman, ain't it? Anyone feeling like the BIG MAN for doing this? ? Well baby, you ain't.