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A Little Poem Of Wisdom Part 1

Carry your'e feelings into a world unknown
let them be strong so you can find seeds
that are unknown. take destiny to where it wants
to go; but don't make bad friends because you will
always know foe. Friendship is important to those
that have none. It should always be there, just
in case you have to run.
A fistful of kindness has more strength than a rock.
It can hold you together in times of shock.
Wisdom is the quality that comes with age.
It's like a book that you have read because
you know every page.If you have such wisdom
then share it with all; especially those that are
heading for a fall.
Teach them to climb the mountain of hope
it could then be possible they will learn how to
Charity is given to those that cannot afford, it
is given with kindness so don't expect a reward.
Faith is the healer of wounds and sorrow
If your a great believer your hurt is gone
by the morrow.
Sadness is marred by all sorts of pain,
so learn to keep your head up because
happiness becomes in vain.
Prosperity is the capital of all who seek it out
but remember not to sacrifice there could be a drought.

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Comments (4)

A lovely poem sylv it has so much meaning, keep up the good work.x
Really good poem, don't know whether wisdom comes with age, haven't enough yers yet; -) But the poem is really well written! Sentences likeTeach others to climb the mountain of hope when they are heading to fall, great thoughts, good will, too
A lovely poem makes me think. Keep on writing. this one is going in my favorites! good job gurl
wisdom is a quality that comes with age. exactly how I feel, all my wisdom has come with age, great poem will save in my favorite file. charles garcia