Since Then

I still walk along
The same streets that we
Used to tread together,
Tracing your footsteps desperately.

I still buy chips and sausages
Sit at the same point,
Waiting for you desperately.

I still hover around
The same spot we met,
Waiting for your arrival
Very patiently but desperately.

I still stand at the entrance
Of the same worship arena
Waiting for you to come out,
Desperately but eagerly.

If I should stop tracing your footsteps,
Stop visiting the SONFORD & SONS,
Forget about your arrival,
Join you inside the house of worship,
Will I find you at the altar?

by Frank Okoth

Comments (3)

My Wyllie said it all. A treat to read. You just get better and better!
Brilliant, the path, the understanding, the poet! all Brilliant! Love Duncan X
A very inspiring write, Sylvia. We all need courage for the journey. Ten for your coomon sense wisdom. Love from your sister in spirit, Sandra