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A Little Poem Of Wisdom Part 2 On Life

Life starts with a great long highway and it is up to
us to keep to the same byway. Life becomes a
challange with many bridges to cross, then we must cross them
with wisdom, or we could slip on the moss. Wherever life takes
us, we are sent to ramble and most of what we do becomes
a gamble. Sincerity is set to try us there's a chance it will lie
then if it does we often ask why. Life without hope is not all
doom and gloom, so don't shut yourself away in that dark tomb.
Life can be easy, untill you stumble against a rock, then it
becomes hard as we are paid out in shock. A life full of sorrow
only wins pity, but we are on that long highway and we have to
reach the city.Life can be a struggle when there's no cash at hand
but think of others in a third world land. Life can be hard, only if
you want it to be; but the world outside is full of quality.God gave
us life in different categories now it's up to us how we recharge
our batteries.

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Comments (3)

My Wyllie said it all. A treat to read. You just get better and better!
Brilliant, the path, the understanding, the poet! all Brilliant! Love Duncan X
A very inspiring write, Sylvia. We all need courage for the journey. Ten for your coomon sense wisdom. Love from your sister in spirit, Sandra