IS ( / Norway)

A Little Rap

Past past
Future future
Present present
What's the difference?

I tell you
the first time I thought of you
I did not predict the fact
that you wouldn't last
Together we all met
on the place that became our set
Laughter, drama, tears and fears
was a part of our atmosphere
Loosing people here and there
who was not able to make it here
But please believe when I tell you this
This place is not gonna be written down
in the black book in my mind
but I'll post it in my inner soul
and hope one day I'll find it glowing
from my body and out to all
And then the world will know
that the present, the future and the past
will hopefully forever last

yippie do do yippie yippie do do
yeah, this is not the war though
even if it's cold
Trying to be happy
Pretending to be ok
and tell myself that
I will make it through

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