SNT (4/10/93 / new york)

A Little Too Late Now

I sat and waited patiently for you,
days would go by and still no sign of you,
i cried many nights,
wishing, hoping you'll come,
but yet, you never realized how much i loved you,
you didn't care,
and at times when you would come home,
you would come drunk and start to argue,
i became hopeless, i didn't know what to do,
you issolated me from my friends and from my family,
you crushed my dreams, you crushed my heart,
you broke my heart into tiny pieces that revealed all the build up pain,
i wouldn't go outside anymore,
my appetite decreased more and more,
my weakness increased every single day,
i was dying right right before your eyes,
and yet you didn't realize how much i loved you,
now you are bending down on the ground,
blaming God that i have died,
looking at my coffin, crying helplessly,
and now all you see is a body,
you cant even remember when was the last time you smelled my scent,
saw deep into my brown eyes, or felt my skin,
all that comes to your mind, is the beatings you gave me,
all the drama you put me through,
and yet,
i was still with you...

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This really touched my soul. It's one of my favorites. You are an excellent writer. Keep up the good work. Take a look at my poems if you will.
I luv its rly touchin great job