(March 30,1987 / Buffalo, New York)

One Day

The grave is dug and it thirst for me
The casket yearns and calls my name
Outside they weep and speak lies
The rain falls and mocks those who wait for me
I am blinded by darkness and surrounded by silence
And the darkness laughs and the silence is content
The casket is betrayed in completion and in audience
The rain breaks as the casket is lowered
The darkness swallows the light and gives reprieve to the heir
They are dressed in the poignant smell of fear and alones
They talk of memories and loss
They are blinded by lies and false truths
They offer themselves as sacrifices for my return
They believe their own words and they are fools
And it is finished, I am laid to rest and the earth sighs

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Comments (6)

A lovely poem, Michael. Very simple and thoughtful. Thank you.
I read this before, but didn't comment. I find the same things hidden around myself! I located a small notebook, must be about 5 years old, with a story I was writing way back then. My, how my use of language and prose has changed!
A long lost note... That i wrote. With a line... Filled talently that is fine. I found it at last... From long ago this dark forgotten past. I write because i enjoy poetry... I read it for the well heard style of oratory. The well written word... Sets me happly free as a nice high free flying bird. Poems... Received well into every other artistic appreciative home. Feelings exspressed through great imagery... Paint a picture to the mind like an artist paints one with color allure. Poems greet all by thoughts so pure. Yours was a great poem. God bless all poets-MJG.
Ah yes, Michael - those triggers without which the creative mind stalls. You have certainly brought your treasure hunt to life in these elegant lines. I did enjoy this. love, Allie xxxx
A little treasure hunt with a BIG find, nicely done Michael
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