No Time To Rest

This sickening wave of arrogance
Destroying all, who won't be ruled
Condemning those that stand to fight
As flaring tempers can't be cooled

Never in need, are those with power
Death to all, who can't be broken
Confiscate all tools of freedom
Words of prosperity will never be spoken

Descending from the mountain tops
We find no time to rest
Down from blue skies, it drops
As he who's king, beats on his chest

Deafening thunder roars down upon us
No longer in need to fight them back
God's gavel strikes-shatters to dust
Blows the light out-into black...

by Joe Davis

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dumb and dumber and yet i know not
'A little while a little love' seems to be not a great measure, defining neither love nor duration as exquisite pleasure, it seems a love lasting but the flight of a feather, aloft momentarily upon the whims of a breeze then lost forever?
The romance and the rhythm, emotional nicely written lines that made my soul fly while reading it, enjoyed it that usually what I feel when a poem inspires me great work.
And I have heard the night-wind cry And deemed its speech mine own.] ..........very nice.....great lines...
Romantic poem I felt and also nice to read.
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