A Lone Nightingale

A lone nightingale
Sheds tears
He hasn’t seen his rose
For years

If a dandelion comes
He cheers
Smells her scent
And peers

She is not around yet
No fears
Till there is her fragrance
He bears


by Per. Nig.

Comments (9)

The Nightingale also is a bird by that name. She chirps her songs beautifully. This lovely and poignant poem about a lone Nightingale rings of love so fresh and new. I felt this one deep in my heart.
Loaded with longing! Loely!
Love the nightingale. And I love this little gem. Please see my piece title Nightingale's Song. Thanks.10
Though short but romantic, , and beautiful...and much expressive
I'm sharing your poem on Facebook.Beautiful! ! ! a ten from me! ! !
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