A Lonely Cloud.....[nature Observation; Humor]

I saw a lonely cloud one day.
It looked small beyond the Bay.
I tried to find a second and failed,
even though I looked each way.

Think of it! A single cloud.
Its loneliness spoke to me aloud.
I wonder how it felt up there.
Was it very proud?

A rarity I think it was;
like an active bee with no buzz;
like a single potato chip;
like a peach skin with no fuzz.

Like one firefighter at a fire;
a solitary pigeon on a wire;
a Facebook member with no 'friend';
a single member in a choir.

It's like an Easter basket with one egg;
a basketball star with one leg;
me with just one word to say;
a fraternity party with just one keg.

I guess you've come to realize by now
that when I saw that cloud I thought 'Wow! '.
If I'd been Adam, with Eve at my side,
to that small distant cloud I might bow.

(August 2012)

by Bri Edwards

Comments (13)

EXCELLENT! This is one of your best poems that I have read. A one of a kind write. Nature at its best, superb imagery and a brilliant thought on loneliness. Every stanza stands out with great rhyme. 10+++++and on to my Poem List.
We all see runaway lonely clouds but how many of us can toy with the myriads of thoughts entangled with it, as Bri has done? Superb, I must say! 'Like one firefighter at a fire; a solitary pigeon on a wire; a Facebook member with no 'friend'; a single member in a choir.' - All stanzas are good, but liked this the most!
Just to prove that I was here But no other I do fear Hope my lines will bring you cheer Maybe even earn a tear Have fun Bri and thanks
i'm now putting this into my/our July 2017's showcase. :) bri
OOPS! a mistake! ! ! and it is MINE! : It's loneliness spoke to me aloud. see it? ? it's been two years+ since i submitted this poem and now (as i was copying it in longhand for a friend who has no computer; i don't know how to make paper copies from this computer; besides, a handwritten note is nice to get in the mail.........unless it is a dear john letter) i found a mistake. i often point out 'mistakes' to other poets, including this same mistake. yes, i should have written Its, not It's. its is an example of the possessive form of one pronoun that does not use an apostrophe. bri :) it's means it is.
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