A Lonely Heart

A lonely heart behind a pane,
Of foggy glass.
Watching the world go by
Caring nothing,
For the cold,
Or the rain.
Or the souls passing by.
A broken heart,
A tortured soul,
Colder than December.
Too late for words,
Too late for token promises,
Too late for insignificant gestures,
A lonely heart, behind a pane,
Of foggy glass,
Watching the world go by.

4/10/11 Alton Texas

by Juan Olivarez

Comments (2)

Beautiful and powerful poem, Juan. It's so full of empathy and understanding of a far too common reality of the marginalized people around us. It's beautifully expressed and deeply moving. I'd give you a 10 but I see no place on this page to leave it.
Your sad poem which could have been entitled 'Too Late' and I wish I had written, is full of lost hope, desire and vitality to effect change. A rather frightening poem. Well done!