A Lonely Heart In A Thunderstorm

A lonely heart sets the table but is she a Milly,
a Betty or a Mabel. Tea, coffee, cakes and ale
but outside there blows a gale. Sash cord windows
rattling like chains, thunder and lighting tormenting her
brains. A frail old lady who always lays up for tea but no
one comes not even her family. As the rain pours down she
gives a little frown as she looks at a photo in her wedding
gown. A picture of love on her wedding day, a day she
never wanted to go away.Now all that's forgotton as the
clouds roll together, will her lonely heart stand up to this
gale force weather. She draws the curtains and says
goodnight to the storm then sits by the fire where its
cosy and warm.
No visitors tonight she says to the cat who lay curled up
on the fireside mat. Again she views her wedding day and
asks the Lord to show her the way.Then she holds the cat
to her lonely heart so that they will never be apart. The dear
old lady died that night and the cat now sits on her burial site.

by sylvia spencer

Comments (7)

This is so touching Sylvia, it really moved me and the atmosphere is very strong What a great writer you are I love this one Love duncan X
You know, at first sight this lonely old gal died, all alone, but, as you and I both know, we are never alone when we are blessed with our pets! This old dear might not have had 'fancy company' that night, but she was not alone! Long live the kitties and puppies who keep us company, and expect nothing but love and a stroke or two in return. Lovely work, Rose. And give Amber a stroke or two, OK?
First of all... the way you started to narrate and then went on to describe the situations.... Slyvia - I was amazed by the style and class you carry in your words. I cannot remember reading any of your poems before this, I think this is my first time - and I promise it will be a new journey for me on your poems. Everyone else spoke about the story - Sad it is! ! I did not leave my old folks to be lonely, they live with me and play my children.
Wow - fantastic story and a beautiful, heart rending poem - certainly I had a lump in my throat. Great poem, Steve
What a wonderful world class story! This poem definately has a soul. Beautiful.Sylvia. Love from your sister and friend, Sandra
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