A Lonely Life

A lonely Life

He stands at the window, looking out, a tear falling down his cheek
Running his finger gently down the dewy pane, his heart weeps,
Wondering what it is about him that keeps him from loving them
Always leaving after he finishes chasing, after the challenge is gone.

His eyes and face wet with tears, he lowers them to the floor
As he closes his eyes, biting his lip, to keep from crying out.
Leaning his head against the window pane upon he rests
He slumps over in despair, wondering what they've done so wrong.

Not normally a person that gets so down upon himself, he trembles,
With vulnerability, not knowing how to take himself out of his despair.
He looks out at the sky as far as the eyes could see and remembers.
The first woman he ever loved, a girl really, swore she loved him too

Until the day he asked her to marry and she said she couldn't marry him
Telling him after it was done, not giving him a chance to fight for her love,
To never give a ring as a Christmas gift, she didn't have to give it back
It was done...and his heart broke into millions of pieces; torn asunder.

There is no reason to marry another, there is no love in his heart
She was his second love, the first was his mother and she left too
No woman in the world will ever hurt him again, he distrusts them
He never seems able to find a woman who can ever meet his demands

Jim 1985

by James Casey

Comments (2)

A very well penned and poignant write which shows your great talent! Keep it up! 10+++ Love and peace for always! ...
A sad story indeed pity he judged them all on one who broke his heart..a story played out across the country no doubt...lonely hearts...regards