A Lonely Man's Monologue

Poem By Asif Andalib

So many false hopes like the stars of a moonless night
Show me the way to survive in this dreary life
I bury so many dreams like a grave digger
And give birth to new ones like a queen bee

My heart has broken into so many pieces
It has become the sands of a desert
My sighs have become super storms
My tears have become the clouds of rainy season
My smiles have become the lightning
And my laughter has become the thunderbolts

My days have become months
And my nights have become years
My poems have lost rhyme like the hot summer days
My songs losing all softness have become hard rock

Comments about A Lonely Man's Monologue

Today was a day of false hopes for me too. My heart is so shattered as well. I liked the epic perspectives of this poem.
Good use of metaphors.
i lke the description of feeling.
a nice poem.Best wishes
It has been mentioned before when a poet writes a dark or sombre poem that he or she may be depressed. But I find that to be neither here nor there, what matters surely is the response a poem gets, not the poets state of mind? I enjoyed reading this poem, and I don't feel depressed!

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